MORTEN KARGAARD SEPTET - Higgs Particle in vibration...It´s not exactly Crossover - rather kind of MeltDown music..........

A fresh, new wind of today's contemporary music - a true hybrid of elements from classical and rhythmic music traditions occurs when these top musicians from both worlds meet in an innovative collaboration.

The music, written by Morten Kargaard, highlights elements such as playfull rhythms, transparent lightness, exquisite dynamics, and pulls them all into a single expression. Performed by an unusual, new group of carefully selected instruments that makes the music come alive and breathe together. Music that creates a timeless atmosphere without preferences, and places itself in the middle of the oasis between the known and the unknown.
Their debut CD "Origin" released in 2014 received overwhelmingly positive response, "created by a musician who maintains an overview of the complex structure and arrangement of the music ...." - "an original work on the Danish music scene ..." - "music for pure enjoyment" -"a beautiful release"
All musicians are known for their accomplishments in different fields; from the Danish R Symphony Orchestra, Copenhagen Phil, Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester, Peter Gullin Trio to Egberto Gismonti, each with a personal tone and an open minded approach to new music.
The band has released the highly acclaimed CD "Origin" - recorded in Lindevang Church

Mette Termansen Oboe Flemming Agerskov Trumpet
Karen Johanne Pedersen Violin Jakup Lutzen Viola
Samira Dayyani Cello Morten Kargaard Guitars Lars Johnsen Bass