Noh Reimagined 2018: The Sublime Illusion

Leon Michener
Clod Ensemble - Under Glass
David Toop
Shibyoshi, Noh music quartet
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Noh Reimagined 2018 : Sublime Illusion ( 29-30 June at Kings Place, London) will celebrate the ability of Noh to create otherworldly figures that transcend time and space. Top Noh performers from Japan will work with innovative British artists and neuroscientists in genre-defying collaborations to examine the surreal artistic elements of Noh. Join us to explore time, space and symbolism in Noh theatre through interdisciplinary performances, workshops and talks.

Noh: Space in Between -Leon Michener
Leon Michener is a truly original pianist, known as the architect of the Klavikon system (a combination of amplification, feedback and analogue processing), which seeks to expand the concept of the traditional solo piano recital. For the performance, using a piano, he will sculpt the feedback created by amplifying the piano’s soundboard, applying the space between the piano and the audiences in Hall Two as an ascetic counterpoint to the Noh musicians.

Snow – Clod Ensemble
Award-winning performance company Clod Ensemble present a new piece inspired by the restless spirits in Noh theatre. Featuring the voice of legendary New York performer Peggy Shaw and the flute of virtuoso Yukihiro Isso, words and music unlock the world of a traveller who finds herself thrown into darkness under the snow. In this poetic monologue, sung and spoken word are fused as our traveller searches for a reconciliation with the ghosts that haunt her.

Composed by Paul Clark
Written by Suzy Willson with Peggy Shaw
Directed by Suzy Willson
Lighting by Hansjörg Schmidt

Echoes and Callings – Wiebke Leister & David Toop
Joined by Yukihiro Isso on nohkan ‎flute, Wiebke Leister’s and David Toop’s performance ‘Echoes and Callings’ combines projection, collage and sound improvisation to evoke the out-of-body existence of angry female demons. Seeking revenge and release, they are telling tales of silence and manifestation, pain and embodiment, stillness and fury.

Photo performance by Wiebke Lester
Music by David Toop
Nohkan flute by Yukihiro Isso

article submitted by:Akiko Yanagisawa, mu:arts