Daniel Murray

  • country:Brazil
  • region:São Paulo
  • style(s):Brazilian, Experimental
  • label:not signed
  • type:Solo, Composer/Songwriter, Small Ensemble, Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet, Music Theatre Production, Large Ensemble
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Murray, Daniel

Line up

  • Daniel Murray (classical guitar)


Daniel Murray

Brazilian guitarplayer, arranger, teacher and composer. Daniel Murray is considered one of the most talented guitarists of his gen- eration with a very active career. A master of extended techniques, with incomparable sound ability, he explores new ways in creating unusual atmospheres and diverse soundscapes. Daniel has also been touted as one of the great composers of the new generation and his disquieting work cov- ers a wide range of styles, from Brazilian traditional to contemporary atonal music. His recordings includes Brazilian classical music from various composers and own compositions for solo guitar.


- "Retratos de Radamés". Núcleo Hespérides Música das Américas and Trio Opus 12, 2007, Selo SESC;
- "...universos sonoros para violão e tape..." 2008, Canto Discos/Tratore;
- "Sons das Américas", Núcleo Hespérides, 2009, Selo Sesc;
- "Tom Jobim para violão solo" - Daniel Murray, 2012, Delira Música;
- "Cordas Brasileiras" - Tau Quartet and Fernando Caselato, 2012, Delira Música;
- "Autoral"- Daniel Murray, solo guitar, 2014, Tratore;
- "Divertimento"- Guitar trio "Opus 12", 2015, Tratore;
- "Expanded Universes"- Daniel Murray solo guitar and eletronics, 2015, Totem Records;
- "Galope". Duo Saraiva-Murray, Borandá, 2016;

Next release:
- "Brazilian Landscapes". Michala Petri, Daniel Murray and Marylin Masur, OUR Recordings, 2017.