Mari Kalkun


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A voice that seems to speak to us from the heart of the Estonian forest. Mari Kalkun’s music is at once of a place and deeply personal. Rooted in ancient Estonian and Võru traditions, her music, for those of us with ears and hearts open, resonates deep within us to touch our spirits, our souls - even when the language is strange to us. Songs and musical arrangements that are sparse and stripped down allow emotion to surface and the song breath and reveal itself as something organic and real. Hers is an intimate music that seems born of Baltic winter forests and icy landscapes and yet there is renewal, hope and celebration to be heard also. Mari's voice speaks directly to us all and reminds us just how vast the soul of the singer can be and how small our world is.

Since issuing her first album "Üü tulõk" (Arrival of the Night) in 2007, concerts have brought her to many parts of Europe and by now all her records have been released in Japan. Her international group Mari Kalkun & Runorun is based in Helsinki and their album "Tii ilo" was relased in 2015 by Rockadillo Records (Finland) and Nordic Notes (Germany).

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