MusMA feat. Amôn Quartetofficial Classical:NEXT 2017 showcase

Line up

  • Anne-Gabrielle Lia-Aragnouet (cello)
  • Aymeric De Villoutreys (violin)
  • Eva Pusker (violin)
  • Nina Poskin (viola)

MusMA, Music Master on Air is a collaboration between European art institutions, festivals and radio networks that started in 2010. MusMA showcases works by five young composers around a theme. The 2017 theme is ‘Music and Exile’: the galvanising effect of cultural exchange during crisis and displacement. MusMA composers wrote pieces addressing this.

The Amôn Quartet were formed in 2008 at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. The quartet took third prize in the prestigious 25th European Chamber Music Competition of FNAPEC. Not only have the Amôn Quartet performed all over the world, they pursue ambitious partnerships with poets, dancers and emerging composers such as those in MusMA.



MusMA feat. Amôn Quartet


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