Worldwide Indie Classical Network

Aurally, Indie Classical is sometimes coined as classical blended and intermingled with rock, electronica, jazz and even global music.


But it is more than a sound or a genre - it's a mindset, an independent approach to music making and presenting.

The network brings together all players involved in this new form of music making. While some of the different members do what they do for more than a decade, it was only at the the 2015 and 2016 editions of Classical:NEXT that this network was formed. The network was kickstarted by a small number over highly engaged people, by Classical:NEXT as well as by the Creative Europe supported project "C3⊂IC".


The Indie Classical network has no hierarchies and is based on exchange on eye-level. However the following persons deserve credit as network coordinators and initiators:

Brendan Walsh (Belgium/The Netherlands), Classical Music Rave
Gabriel Prokofiev (UK), Nonclassical
Etienne Abelin (Switzerland), ClassYcal
Jennifer Dautermann (Germany), Classical:NEXT
and Thiago Cury (Brazil), ÁguaForte

Events around this Network