Mathis Nitschke

composer, producer

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  • Nitschke, Mathis


Mathis Nitschke is a conceptual artist, composer, sound designer and performer, specialising in classical music in combination with new and emerging technologies. His creative work spans the fields of composition for theatre, dance, film and television, electronic music, sound design and media arts, popular and commercial music and record production.

Next to electronic and orchestral film and media music, Mathis Nitschke composed so far two grand operas, created experimental music theatre works and produced music for numerous stage and media productions. As a seasoned live sound engineer he worked for theatre, contemporary classical concerts as well as rock shows and musicals. In the studio he is an expert for recording and mastering music as well as for designing, editing and mixing film sound. His recent projects brought him into the field of interactive audio, with a focus on adaptive music and location-awareness.

Since creating his first opera, JETZT, in 2012 with writer Jonas Lüscher, Nitschke has engaged in staging “sung theatre” programs. His research into the interplay of opera and society is evident in works like his 2014 premiered operatic song-cycle with party HAPPY HAPPY. His first opera JETZT earned a nomination for ‘premier of the year’ in the Opernwelt yearbook 2013.

Next to his short opera in a pharmacy VIOLA, several more concepts for projects in public spaces are in development at this time. With the aid of a project grant by the city hall of Munich he is able to realize his vision of an Opera as location-aware music app.

Close cooperations with artist personalities like Michel Houellebecq or Luk Perceval have shaped his artistic work. In 2008, he composed and produced a grand orchestral score for Houellebecq’s debut as film director of ‘The possibility of an island’ which Houellebecq adapted from his acclaimed novel.

As a sound director Nitschke sits at the mixing desk not only in theatres but also at contemporary music performances in concert halls, such as the Musica Viva series of the Bavarian Radio Symphony orchestra. On occasion, in Solo and Ensemble projects, he performs as an improvising sound artist.

He runs the website as a ressource fund for contemporary opera.

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  • Classical:NEXT 2016
  • Classical:NEXT 2014
  • Classical:NEXT 2012

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