Oorkaan/Cello8ctet Amsterdam

Oorkaan/Cello8ctet Amsterdam
  • country:Netherlands
  • label:Challenge
  • artist submitted by:Oorkaan

Line up

  • Claire Bleumer (cello)
  • Harald Austbø (cello)
  • Karel Bredenhorst (cello)
  • Marc van den Munckhof (cello)
  • Mascha van Nieuwkerk (cello)
  • Rares Mihailescu (cello)
  • Sanne Bijker (cello)
  • Stephan Heber (cello)


Cello8ctet Amsterdam is lauded for its new music and successful genre-bending repertoires. They have played more than 70 performances, many commissioned by such composers as Xenakis, Nobre, Halffter, Donatoni, De Pablo, Denisov, Gubaidulina, Pärt, Boulez and Glass. Within the Netherlands, Oorkaan is the only organisation dedicated exclusively to the creation of high quality music productions for young audiences. Part of its aim is to give every child an opportunity to experience the power of live music. Cellostorm is a co-production by Oorkaan and Cello8ctet Amsterdam. In their imaginative live performance directed at children aged five years and older, a tale of loneliness and friendship is seen through the eyes of an adventurous pigeon. Without dialogue but full of humour, the showcase is accompanied by music from works by Schubert to Glass, Piazzolla to Adams, performed by the featured eight cellists.