Maratona Cultural: Orquestra na Rua

Maratona Cultural: Orquestra na Rua


Recorded live, by "Orchestra on the Street".
  • country:Brazil
  • region:São Paulo
  • style(s):Classical, World
  • label:not signed
  • type:Large Ensemble
  • gender:male, female, child
  • instrumentation:instrumental, string, unplugged
  • artist submitted by:Orquestra na Rua

Line up

  • Caio Forster (Viola)
  • Leonardo Mallet (Violin)
  • Matheus Bellini (Cello)


"Cultural Marathon: Orchestra on the Street" is a project that promotes a wide interaction between musicians and the audience, in order to disseminate the instruments and orchestral music among the population, as well as providing to young musicians the experience of integrating a orchestra and perform in public for the first time.

Through the internet, musicians from many different places come together to form a spontaneous orchestra that, in just one afternoon, prepares and presents a free concert. All rehearsals and orchestra preparation happens in the streets, so that viewers can experience the whole production behind a concert, using public spaces to promote culture and art.