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Joshua Cheek is an independent music and cultural marketing consultant, providing a comprehensive and versatile suite of personalized media solutions for individuals and companies seeking international exposure – from preparation for market entry, branding and product development to cultivating strategic partnerships and consumer education.

For more than 20 years, Cheek has been engaged in every aspect of the music industry, from retail sales to Public Relations and Marketing Director for Naxos of America. To date, Cheek has more than 50 published credits in all categories of music production, including several Award-winning and Grammy-nominated recordings, such as the triple-Grammy nominated "Transfigured Bach" (Executive Producer) and Song Zuying's historic Grammy nominated CD, "The Diva Goes to the Movies" (宋祖英大型音乐片) (Booklet writer).

Cheek is an erudite and respected booklet annotator. He has provided texts for numerous distinguished recording labels, including Koch International, Naxos, hänssler CLASSIC, OUR Recordings and Rhymoi Music (China), for projects spanning from Baroque masterworks to world premiere recordings of the newest music, and numerous world music projects, including the extensive booklet notes for the Rhymoi commemorative Olympic production "The Songs of the 56 Chinese Nationalities" (Rhymoi CSCCD-1603) as well as writing several features for the Grammy Awards program.

“Artist Empowerment”
At the heart of Cheek’s consultancy is his first rule of marketing: “If nobody knows, nobody will care.” Cheek’s flexibility and versatility permit him to engage with his clients when they need him, for as long as they need him; for a one-off press release, general consultation, tour support, CD release promotion, booklet annotations, translations (German and Chinese), or long-term contractual services. In additional to traditional media and promotion, Cheek has successfully devised personalized strategies for his clients, helping them to effectively leverage and exploit social media to gain visibility, credibility, followers and conversions.

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