Victor Gama
foto by Nicklas Zimmer
Vela 6911 Chicago Symphony Orchestra/Music Now © Jose Frade
3 thousand RIVERS premiere ©Gulbenkian Musica/Marcia Lessa
3 thousand RIVERS premiere ©Gulbenkian Musica/Marcia Lessa
Instrumentos exhibition ©Rui Peralta
3 thousand RIVERS premiere ©Gulbenkian Musica/Marcia Lessa
Kennedy Center Aisa Tanaf The Book of Winds
Kennedy Center Aisa Tanaf with Edwin Outwater
The acrux, new instruments for new music
Victor Gama playing Acrux at the Royal Opera House during Delloite Ignite Festival


Kalian mode is the second movement of Quatro Momentos a composition in four movements for acrux, a contemporary musical instrument designed by Gama.
  • 1 Kalian mode
  • 2 Menezes Song
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a multimedia piece for ensemble and new instruments based on the diary of a woman who was part of a secret nuclear test
  • Vela 6911
  • 3 thousand RIVERS
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  • country:Portugal
  • region:Lisboa-Luanda-Salvador da Bahia
  • style(s):Contemporary
  • label:PangeiArt
  • type:Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, electronic
  • artist submitted by:PangeiArt

Line up

  • Victor Gama (toha, acrux, dino)


Victor Gama is a composer whose process begins with the creation of an entirely new instrument, one whose design is steeped in symbolic meaning. Concept design, the selection of materials, fabrication and scoring is all part of the way Gama creates new music, blending current digital fabrication technologies with ideas, materials and traditions inspired by the natural world.

He holds a BSc in electronics engineering and an MA in Music Technology from the Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design in London.

Gama has collaborated with the Kronos Quartet who premiered his piece ‘Rio Cunene’ at Carnegie Hall in March 2010. ‘Rio Cubango’, commissioned by the the Prince Claus Fund and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts premiered in November 2011 at Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

Vela 6911 was commissioned by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and premiered at Harris Theater in Chicago.

His recent piece ‘3 thousand RIVERS: Voices in the Forest', a multimedia opera, premiered in Lisbon in May 2016 commissioned by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and supported by Amazon Conservation Team Colombia, Flora Arts+Natura and Mas Arte Mas Acción from Bogotá.

His latest piece 'Aisa Tanaf: The Book of Winds' premiered in February 2017 at the J.F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts under the direction of Edwin Outwater.

Gama has been a resident artist at MIT Center for Arts Science and Technology and at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA).

He has exhibited his instruments and sound installations and performed extensively in Africa, Latin America, USA and Europe. His album Pangeia Instrumentos was released by Aphex Twin on Rephlex Records and Naloga on PangeiArt.