NEXT:Tech: Empowering the Classical Music Business with Technology
Four examples of technology solving actual business cases successfully

  • event type: Classical:NEXT 17 Conference
  • start date: 19 May 2017
  • time: 15:15 - 16:15
  • city/area: Rotterdam
  • venue:De Doelen, Conference Room 2 (fourth floor)
  • country: Netherlands
  • event submitted by: Piranha Arts

Chaired by Katariina Nyberg (Belgium/Finland), ExClaM! Digital
with Gill Davies (Scotland), GDP Ltd
Janine Hanrahan (Australia), Australian Discovery Orchestra
Inkeri Borgman (Finland), Gigle Oy
Bas Grasmeyer (Germany), IDAGIO GmbH

Let’s face it – technology in classical music is here to stay and the possibilities around it are growing every year. This NEXT:Tech session takes a look at four companies that have created businesses around solving specific problems in the classical music business with technology.

LOLA has a concrete technical solution to enable successful real-time rehearsal between musicians across distances; Gigle has launched a marketplace for C2C events managing the long-tail of agent work; the Australian Discovery Orchestra is spreading the word on how to create 3D environments for VR; and Idagio, ‘the Spotify of classical music’, makes searching for classical music a dream.



Katariina Nyberg by Touko HujanenGill Davies by Will GardnerJanine HanrahanInkeri BorgmanBas Grasmeyer

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