• artist: Pixvae
  • event type: WOMEX 17 Showcase
  • start date: 28 Oct 2017
  • time: 23:15 - 00:00
  • city/area: Katowice
  • venue:Twin Stage B, Spodek, tunnel via ICC west entrance
  • country: Poland
  • event submitted by: Piranha Arts

Lyons-based cross-genre alchemists Pixvae melt sophisticated rock and Afro-Columbian roots into weighty Latincore. Like the hybrid peach palm from which the band borrows its name, their unique sound is the result of perhaps unlikely cross-origins. Pixvae are an amalgam of two ensembles: French math-rock trio Kouma, and members of Columbian currulao troupe, Bambazú. Kouma’s unconventional line-up of electric guitar, baritone sax and drums hammers out crunching free-rock guitar riffs and elliptical polyrhythmic grooves with the sax providing a pumping bass as the crew from Bambazú provide solid percussion and sparkling vocals. Mathematical psychotrashrock meets the warm melodies and rhythmic celebration of the Columbian Pacific coast; it probably shouldn’t work but it does, with all ingredients coalescing into a dense, unified slab of sound that has been astonishing audiences at festivals across Europe this summer.

Alexandra Charry Caicedo - guasa, vocals
Damien Cluzel - guitar
Margaux Delatour - guasa, vocals
Romain Dugelay - saxophone
Léo Dumont - drums
Jaime Andres Salazar Pina - percussion, vocals


Photo Credit: Bertrand Gaudillière

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