Using Sync to Cross Borders in a Digital World
World Music can harness Sync as a marketing tool and income generator

  • event type: WOMEX 15 Conference
  • start date: 22 Oct 2015
  • time: 15:15 - 16:00
  • city/area: Budapest
  • venue:Conference Room 2, B├ílna
  • country: Hungary
  • event submitted by: Piranha Arts

Chaired by:

Christian Ulf-Hansen (UK)
Owner, Plan C Management


Giles Perring (UK)
Producer/musician/composer/owner, XA Music/Sound of Jura

Paul Moessl (UK)
Composer/publisher, Halogen Media UK Ltd

TV, Film and Advertising Sync has become the perfect way for independents in World Music to market, promote and generate income for their artists. The new media model means that music fans can find their music in an instant, via Shazam, Spotify, Itunes etc, when it is used in sync and it generates income for both masters and publishing, sometimes over a long period. Music supervisors are now tuned to finding and uncovering great new music, irrespective of borders and genres, they want the best!

Photo credits: Christian Ulf-Hansen, by Ollie Grove; Giles Perring, by Douglas Cape



Christian Ulf-Hansen, by Ollie GroveGiles Perring, by Douglas CapePaul Moessl

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