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Christine Semba (France / Germany)

A cultural management and international exchanges consultant, music curator, and networker, Christine specialises in structuring musical and cultural sectors in various territories worldwide. She is an expert for the European Culture Programme and UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Since Summer 2013, she has been in charge of the new department 'Consultancy & Special Projects' at WOMEX. This department aims to apply the long-standing WOMEX expertise in producing and providing technical assistance to diverse events across continents: training workshops, conferences, showcase festivals, cultural markets, and platforms
for networking, education and IT projects.
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After her M.A. graduation in France, Christine studied in St Petersburg, Russia and started to organise concerts for emerging Russian musicians abroad. She then worked on the Stubnitz, an East German industrial fishing vessel converted into a mobile cultural platform.

Christine joined WOMEX in 2000 and became a key member of the WOMEX team for many years, working as the director of Content & Programmes and the WOMEX production aspects in its host cities. She was also involved in setting up other cultural conferences and events such as Porto Musical in Recife, Brazil and the Atlantic Music Expo in Praïa, Cape Verde.

From 2010 to 2012, she was the managing director of the professional music network Zone Franche in Paris, where she led the EU-funded 'Africa – Caribbean - Pacific - Music Festivals Network'.

Most recent projects: The music convention, Porto Musical, in Recife, Brazil; The Atlantic Music Expo in Praïa - Cape Verde; Caribbean Marketplace for Culture in Paramaribo - Suriname; training for music operators in Port of Prince - Haïti and in Dushanbe - Tajikistan. Circulart – Cultural Market in Medellin - Colombia; The International Black Music Exhibition in Johannesburg, South Africa;

Christine Semba

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