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  • country:France
  • region:Lyon
  • style(s):Classical Music
  • label:Evidence classics
  • type:Quartet
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:string
  • artist submitted by:Quatuor Debussy

Line up


The Debussy String Quartet has built a reputation graced with international acclaim through their many recordings and live performances. Since its creation in 1990, they have enlivened the chamber music world with their stylish and stimulating performances.
Formed in 1990 in France, based in Lyon, and honored as Winners of the Evian International String Quartet Competition, the quartet performs almost 80 concerts a year in Europe, Asia, and North America. Through their particular acclaim for their interpretations of the Debussy and Ravel quartets, they have introduced audiences to other French works such as those of Lalo, Lekeu, and the late romantic composer Joseph-Ermend Bonnal.
The quartet’s impressive recording schedule includes the release of 20 CDs in 20 year from French Music (Ravel/Fauré, Bonnal, Witkowski) to Webern or Shostakovich with the complete string quartets recorded by Arion. The Requiem of Mozart is the first collaboration with Universal Music.
You can learn more about The Debussy String Quartet on their website: www.quatuordebussy.com