"Incompleta" - Musicarius String Quartet

Musicarius String Quartet
Incompleta by Musicarius String Quartet - front cover
  • artist:Musicarius String Quartet
  • region:Poznan
  • release year:2014
  • style(s):Baroque, Classical Music
  • country:Poland
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:RecArt
  • label:RecArt
  • publisher:RecArt
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RecArt presents another Musicarius string quartet CD. Incompleta (RecArt 0008) presents works for string quartet, which for some reason were never completed. Each of these works is completely different, reveals a very different life situations composers, different contexts and causes of unfinished compositions.

Mikołaj Zgółka (violin) says about the idea of CD:
"Incompleteness brings to mind usually bad connotations. A breach of finis coronat opus principleoften causes lack of symmetry of work, interferes with the expectancy and logic of a design, andfinally builds a sense of its limitations. We can multiply examples of buildings that have never livedto see their final architectural shape, or the ones, which combine different styles compiled over thecenturies; and that does not always produce indisputably successful result. Studying of biographiesof prominent composers stirs speculations: what else and how would Mozart, Pergolesi, Schubertwrite if the Great Director did not remove them from the stage of life so early? How would theirstyle develop, what measures would they apply and how many works - probably remarkable ones -would have been created if they could reach their venerable years? The Incompleta album presentsthe works for a stringquartet, which were, for some reason, never finished. Each of these works iscompletely different and reveals quite varied life situations of composers, different contexts andcauses of the unfinished pieces."

On the cover art has been used painting of Maciej Przybylski, PhD at the University of Arts in Poznań.

In 2010 RecArt released Musicarius debut album titled Ars Transcribendi (RecArt 0001), which contained , among other comositions Mozart's Requiem in D minor, KV 626 in historical transcription of Peter Lichtenthal (1780-1853) .