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reConvert project

c/o Roberto Maqueda
Maulbeerstrasse 32
4058 Basel

reConvert project is a duo formed by Roberto Maqueda and Víctor Barceló that is half-way between percussion and electronics.

public contact

  • phone: +34 653352712
  • eMail: email to reConvert project public contact

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  • Artist
    • Band/Small Ensemble

participating in

  • Classical:NEXT 2018

company description

The facet of a percussionist has been altered considerably by the own evolution of the instrument. Beyond taking to the stage different works that in a certain way fit into a program, reConvert exposes an aesthetic, a way of contemplating percussion as a living material of creation. Although there are many ways.

reConvert Project is based on a process of creation as the sole purpose of its existence. reConvert are Roberto Maqueda and Víctor Barceló.



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