François Sarhan's Lâchez Tout!

Enough Already! (Lâchez Tout!) is a co-production between Belgium’s LOD muziektheater and the UK’s Red Note Ensemble. French composer and visual artist François Sarhan's new music theatre work sees Red Note performers singing and narrating a silent movie with live sound effects. In this Classical:NEXT showcase, artistic directors Hans Bruneel of the LOD muziektheater and John Harris of the Edinburgh-based Red Note Ensemble will present this video which advocates the benefits of cross-cultural collaboration, particularly for companies that want to scale up large projects. This screening will present the triumphs and challenges of that process, interviewing Sarhan, musicians and stage technicians on how to navigate and overcome practical and artistic considerations to ensure best working practices and positive cross-cultural collaborations.


François Sarhan's Lâchez Tout!


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