CD Alma Quartet "Schulhoff"

CD Alma Quartet "Schulhoff"
Alma Quartet "Schulhoff"
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A production where we as Replifact Media B.V. sincerely proud of it!

The CD "Schulhoff, complete string quartets" of the Alma Quartet has been released on the label Gutman Records.

In addition to the beautiful music, the beautiful design is special to this edition. A Digipack with double CD and accompanying slip case, in which the title and name on the front and back are cut.
Due to the detail, it was not possible to apply the usual traditional steering technology, so we chose to cut the title through laser technology.

This beautiful and unique edition has been pressed and printed in our own factory in Bladel (Netherlands), commissioned by Gutman Records.

article posted by:Hans Busscher, Replifact Media