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Sama Arts Network is one of UK’s leading companies which specializes in World Music and other allied art forms including orchestral, jazz, dance music

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Sama Arts Network is one of the UK's oldest and most influential arts organisations in the genre of traditional and contemporary South Asian arts. It also presents Orchestral, Jazz and World Music.

Established in 1977 Sama has curated more than 500 events with acclaimed artists from the UK and other parts of the world. They have included tours, concerts, festivals, educational talks, workshops, seminars, lecture-demos, film screenings, and visual and performing arts. More on
Many concerts were filmed and recorded by Navras Records (, which was co-founded by the Artistic Director in 1992.

Over the years, hundred of thousands of people from all walks of life have enjoyed the events. Audiences have been a few dozen for the intimate acoustic concerts to several thousand at larger venues. Many more continue to listen or view the recordings to the present day.

Another major part of Sama's work has been in the fields of label management, consultancy, recording, music publishing and intellectual property rights.

Sama also represents Sachal Music, a label with a 25 album catalogue and a music publishing company. Sachal music label was established to capture melody, acoustic harmony and rhythms from around the World. The main focus of the label is to nurture and suppport the Sachal Studios Orchestra. Their most recently featured album is "Jazz And All That', dedicated to the memory of Dave Brubeck it showcases the best of East meets West, and includes jazz standards that can't fail to delight. Their previous album "Interpretations of Jazz Standards" topped the itunes charts and is still going strong.




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