"Numbers, Colors and People" - Andrew Shapiro


  • artist:Andrew Shapiro
  • featured artist:Andrew Shapiro
  • region:New York City
  • release year:2009
  • style(s):Indie-Classical
  • country:USA
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:Shapiro, Andrew
  • label:Airbox Music
  • publisher:Airbox Music Publishing LLC (ASCAP)
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In 2008 during a European tour Shapiro met Michel Geiss in Paris, who suggested a piano album. The 2009 album Numbers, Colors And People (recorded in one day at Philip Glass’s studio) was all instrumental piano with a soft-pedal style that would become his trademark. A truly Ambient work, it showed how far American Ambient had come since the days of La Monte Young or Windham Hill’s George Winston. While neither avant-garde or soporific, the music has all the richness of Debussy and Satie coupled with the crystal clear production of Michael Riesman and mastering of Michel Geiss. Not only is it the place to start with Shapiro’s oeuvre, it also contains the classic tracks Quiet Kissing and Mint Green. The latter’s astonishing success on the Internet and as theme music belies its origins. In fact, Mint Green was directly inspired by the Cocteau Twins’s track My Truth from their 1993 album Four-Calendar Café.