Mojca Zupanič

manager, professional consultant


Mojca Zupanič is a music manager of several Slovenian music groups and also some international.

Since 2004 she works with famous Slovenian folk rock band Katalena and for last few years with Slovenian singer and songwriter Katja Šulc.

Merging musical heritage with popular music idioms, Katalena have always been fearless when pushing the boundaries of traditional music, taking it by the scruff of the neck and infusing it with a very individual interpretation. As the narrative elements of the songs are placed centre stage, the soaring, edgy vocals, solid rock groove and quirky escapades are always able to transform ancient oddities into heartfelt ballads, mischievous childlike merrymaking or roof-raising bangers. In the past sixteen years, the band have produced a number of unique projects and collaborations, released six highly acclaimed albums and toured regularly at home and abroad (USA,Israel,France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic).
The band is going to release a new album in Spring 2018. The producer is Chris Eckman.

Katja Šulc, slovenian singer and songwriter blending poetry with music, at home in many genres - ranging from jazz, soul, dub to folk and world music. In the past few years she’s done well in Slovenia and also abroad, performing regionally and further - in Portugal, Spain, France, Turkey, China, Mexico, Guatemala. Her latest album KAMLISAJLAN (Casete México, 2016) is based on contemporary gypsy poetry from the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Performed in Rromani the poems are set to music using loop stations and simple, folk like melodies and chord changes, enveloped in repetitive world music rhythm patterns. Hypnotic and entrancing.

Mojca Zupanič is also a project manager of Sound Explicit and works as a freelance producer for a few Slovenian NGO's.

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