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Grappa Musikkforlag as (Grappa Music Group), established in 1983, is the No 1. leading independent record company in Norway.

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company description

Grappa Musikkforlag as (Grappa Music Group), established in 1983, is the No 1. leading independent record company in Norway.

The name has come to represent a broad musical scope, high quality and first-rate Norwegian performers. The main currents of Norwegian music are presented on several labels. The primary objectives of the record company are to present a wide variety of recordings of all musical genres from traditional music to contemporary musical trends.

These goals are accomplished by cultivating the purest part of our musical heritage, and by encouraging the natural eagerness of young people to find new modes of expression.

Grappa Musikkforlag owns the prestigious Simax Classics label, which is one of Scandinavia's leading record companies for classical music. The Simax catalogue consists of over 250 CDs. Simax Classics is also proud to announce its collaboration with the Norwegian Society of Composers.

Simax will manage the Society's CD label Aurora, which include a large number of recordings of works by contemporary Norwegian composers. Traditional music and world music are marketed on the Heilo label, which is by far the leading Norwegian label within this field of music. Barneselskapet, which is a joint venture with Egmont Serieforlaget, controls nearly 50 percent of the domestic market for children's recordings.

The Grappa label has released a large number of best-selling CDs, and many of its releases have won the Norwegian Grammy award. In fact, Grappa has the highest number of Grammy-nominated CDs of any record company in Norway. The company's most recent acquisition is Supernova. This label focuses on discovering and developing new international talent.

Grappa also collaborates with the innovative companies Curling Legs and Rune Grammofon, and with the musicpublishers Studio Songs and Mastersongs.

Grappa is a major shareholder in the sales and distribution companies Musikkoperatørene, Bare Bra Musikk and Diskos Distribusjon. Grappa is also involved in the recordingstudiobusiness.

Grappa represent ECM Records in Norway, and has enjoyed great success with the recordings it has released in this connection.


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