Sonic Solveig

Sonic Solveig is a French classical musical edutainment game publisher.

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Sonic Solveig is a French classical musical edutainment game publisher. We are a start-up established 3 years ago.

We have also been working for several music institutions to create their musical applications or experiences (Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, Gallimard Jeunesse, FEVIS, etc..). We have just received an award from the Ministry of the Culture to build a platform that will enable opera houses or orchestra to create easily their own application with no developer skills.

We have also been developing our own applications dedicated to classical Music. Our first app was dedicated to Peer Gynt and we have created 2 applications dedicated to the Tchaikovsky ‘s masterpiece The Nutcracker. There applications are available in English. French, German. Some of them even in Japanese or Korean languages.

Within our app, children enjoy different experiences:
(i) a gaming experience where they explore orchestral score with ingenuity thanks to interactive musical games,
(ii) a reading experience with adapted content
(iii) a listening experience in a disc area featuring the major tracks of the masterpiece
(iv) the story told in music in an interactive and very innovative way

We believe that kids need to test and learn classical music to develop their listening ability, that they have to edutaining the mechanics of a score, rhythm, melody !

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