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* Introduction

Looking at jazz,
We can not deny that it is a noticeable achievement of black people to plant their own sentiment on the western music that have been antiquated over many hundred years and to develop epochal modern art form called 'jazz'. They have succeeded in enrooting their lively and
relaxed sentiment from their physical trait and
romantic atmosphere from nature of people in hot region deep in the bottom of jazz.
Meanwhile, the intellectual, logical and scientific white people, developing mass media, have succeeded in branching off the tree of jazz and become the practical owners who harvest the commercial fruits. On the other hand, presently the orientals, although in fact there are few countries culturally under jazz influence, mostly are in the position of the 3rd party who are still overlooking them.

This album is a recording work of music pieces rearranged in various forms from the serial jazz standard numbers performed with jazz trio with korean traditional instruments. Musically speaking, it is fundamentally not very far from the scope of jazz. And it can appeal at least as 'a new trial' to the common eyes on the point that it has completely excluded the western instruments as the melody instruments, substituting them with korean traditional ones to bring out a new sound format.
Nevertheless, in fact, it was not as easy as it seems in the album to make out a beauty, putting the instruments that produce notes with totally different concept on the western system of notes and harmony organized mathematically by 12 tone equal temperament and particularly on this system of jazz that emphasizes performing skill and improvisation.

As a result, rather than thinking about 'how to play', much has been made of 'what to play'. In other words, more time have been spent in order to bring out more refined music with solid structure through delicate arrangement than music with conventional improvisation. Considering 'freedom' as the basic spirit laid under jazz, effort has been put to get more result with 'spiritual freedom' that relishes music world presenting free imaginative realm created through various arrangement with fresh ideas than 'physical freedom' that puts more value on sensibility through habitual instinctive performance.

Some could say that 'This album is a certain kind influenced by such and such of certain music'
categorizing it in academic way.
However, if they realize that the more important role in music is taken not by 'knowledge' but by 'sentiment' which is different from person to person and is more so between ethnic groups and races, they could approach the music with different aspect.

It is the point of this album that jazz art has been felt and interpreted by oriental mind with gentler culture and sentiment based on old tradition more valuing past memory. It wants to be talked about that the oriental sentiment fused in jazz has its own beauty which should be noticed, understood and hopefully appreciated.

In today's modern society where the extremely developed commercialism controls over almost everything, it is doubtful that oriental sentiment can branch off the tree of jazz and bear fruits. Nevertheless, this project has been made. with the belief that it can be at least a 'record' of the trial, from serious recognition of position of the east in jazz art, and also with pure thought of share of happiness in the realm of imagination provided by developed music free from national and racial barrier.

article submitted by:Onegoo Lee, Stone Jazz