Stone Jazz - 'Classic but Never Classic'

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'Classic But Never Classic'
'Care more 'What' than 'How'

Seen thoughtlessly, these phrases may sound both quite flat and odd.
But when you give just a little attention to it's content, you'll quickly feel it's the latter side - odd.
Because for hundred of years classic has been such a same figure, form, or aspect - only sophistication and delicacy with hacekneyed musical idea.(same melody,rhythm & harmony)

This one is odd shortly because they come up not only with different kind of sound (instrumentation) but different content of music.(arrangement & composition)

- Instrumentation :
They combined jazz trio (Piano, Contra bass, Drum) dangerously with korean traditional instruments.('Gayageum' - Korean lap harp / Haegeum - Korean ulhoo / Piree - Korean reed)
Dangerous, because it's really hard to produce the right pitch with these korean instruments.
However, when played together, they make the oddity into fresh beauty - Producing thrilling acoustic sound format.

- Composition & Arrangement :
They play all those good old classic numbers - Bach, Mozart, Beethoven,..
However you can only recognize some of the melodies and rhythms of the originals at the beginning.
By the time you do it, you'll realize you've already been through heck of a trip where you can visualize the realm of musical heaven. It is rather compositions than arrangements here. - 'Revolutionary' &'Imaginative'. - So Absorbing

- Energy :
The performers have to be so alert in order to drag the musical idea in such a sincere way that the initial ember naturally adds on flame into furnace as the play go on to the climax of each tune.

- Ethnic sentiment
Western way of musical expression has all been well known and felt for long time. It will be quite a thing to feel the different sentiment in eastern instruments being combined in the freedom of jazz media.

article submitted by:Onegoo Lee, Stone Jazz