Onegoo Lee

executive manager

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  • Stone Jazz


* 2014
- Projected tour concerts titled 'Gookak Jazz Crack on the classics'
- Invited performance at Pohang world firework festival
- Invited concert at Royal phil harmonia hall, Ufa, Russia

* 2013
- Project concert - 'In the Margin' <Gookak & Jazz Cracks on the classics>
- 6th Album Project - 'In the Margin' (Classic collection) Released (2013.9./ Synnara Music ltd.)
- Invited Performance - Jeju Haebeach Festival
- Overseas Invited concert - Yecaterinburg & Moscow. Russia

- Project concert (Crossover Korean Soul 2012)
- JeonJu World Sori Festival invitation concert
- World Nature Conservation Commitee inviting Performance
- Invited concert to Russia
(Philharmonia concert hall, Rostov / Esse jazz concert hall, Moscow)

- Project concert 'Soul of Seoul' in Australia (2011,10.7. Seymor center, Sydney)
- 5th album 'Bound up' released project concert
- 'Crossover Korean Soul' project concerts
- 4th album 'The Beyonders' released project concert
- World pop project 4th album

participating in

  • Classical:NEXT 2016
  • Classical:NEXT 2015

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