Jean-Philippe Perrot

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Jean-Philippe Perrot is a producer. Since 1993 he has designed and produced numerous TV programs for major French and international channels: emissions and live broadcast of musical performances, documentaries on the themes Art & Culture and travel. He has managed two companies: Circeto Films, audio-visual production company (1993-2006) and Aptly Médias, marketing agency specialized in culture (2004-2011). Since more than 10 years he has worked in the domain of classical music in close collaboration with numerous international artists. He has notably created «Les Salons de Musique» (25X60min) collection for Arte (2011-2014).Objectives: renew the way of filming the classical music for TV by producing innovative concerts in unusual venues with international high-profile young musiciens ( Alice Sara Ott, Nemanja Radulovic, Chilly Gonzales, Lise de la Salle,…).

- Conceive, produce documentaries and film concerts of classical World-famous artists.
- Executive production.
- Find partners and co-producers, complementary financing.
- Right (literary and artistic Property, Contracts and transfers of the artistic and broadcasting rights.)

Jean-Philippe Perrot

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