Gian Enzo Rossi

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Tactus was founded in 1986 by the late Mr. Serafino Rossi (1927–2009), dedicated to music’s Italian heritage and not least the discovery of forgotten Renaissance and Baroque composers who made important contributions to it.
The label has also discovered many talented performers; Rinaldo Alessandrini, Enrico Gatti, Sergio Vartolo, Federico Maria Sardelli and Modo Antiquo are just some who began their recording careers with Tactus.
Since 2009 the label and the company is handled by the son of Mr Rossi, Gian Enzo.
The Tactus catalogue is now including over 700 albums.
Since year 2014 Tactus is part of the Naxos distribution network with logistic services c/o of NGL Naxos Global Logistics gmbh in Poing, Germany.
The digital distribution of Tactus music is handled by Naxos of America.

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