"como quien oye llover" - Trip Trip Trip

Trip Trip Trip
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  • artist:Trip Trip Trip
  • featured artist:Trip Trip Trip
  • region:South America
  • release year:2017
  • style(s):Colombianas, Contemporary
  • country:Colombia
  • formats:Audio File / Digital,
  • record submitted by:Trip Trip Trip
  • label:Trip Trip Trip
  • publisher:Independent

The versatility of their sound as a trio and the diverse musical backgrounds of it’s three members, has made Trip Trip Trip the focus of attention of several Colombian contemporary composers, who have written a number of pieces specially for them. No wonder their concerts and this album -Como quien oye llover- present a wide selection of sounds that range from the dreamy atmosphere of Alejandro Zuluaga’s pieces (“Pájaros” and “Amanece”), to the evocation of Colombian traditional music present in the work of Andres Samper, also navigating the mystical, yet vigorously rhythmic nature of Damian Ponce´s music, and concluding with the endless surprises provided by the compositions of Eblis Alvarez and Camilo Giraldo, who is also a member and arranger at Trip Trip Trip.