• country:Portugal
  • style(s):Instrumental
  • label:UGURU
  • type:Solo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, guitar
  • artist submitted by:UGURU

Line up

  • Francisco Sales (Guitar)


One of the finest young Portuguese guitarists, Francisco Sales graduated in Jazz from Lisbon’s Conservatory of Music, and his trademark is his virtuoso pedal work – bending and shaping the sound of the guitar into beautifully detailed soundscapes inspired by his travels.

A London resident since 2013, Francisco was fortunate enough to meet a veteran musician that became his patron and supporter: Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick, of the legendary modern-jazz band Incognito, who eventually invited him to join the stage line-up.

He has performed with Chaka Khan, Omar or Natalie Williams, and he has released in 2017 his acclaimed second album “Miles Away”.