"Mozartovic" - Uwaga! plus Max Klaas (Percussion)

Uwaga! plus Max Klaas (Percussion)
Cover Mozartovic
  • artist:Uwaga! plus Max Klaas (Percussion)
  • featured artist:Uwaga! + Max Klaas (Percussion)
  • release year:2016
  • style(s):Crossover, Classical Music
  • country:Germany
  • formats:SACD (Super Audio CD),
  • record submitted by:Uwaga!
  • label:ARS Production
  • publisher:Note 1
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Mozartovic - Amadeus goes Balkan Groove

So far, only little has been passed down about the excessive journey which Mozart is said to have done once from Vienna along the Danube towards the Balkans. Many myths surround this trip, there is talk of wild parties, jamming and dancing and emptying one or another Slibowitz (plum brandy), according to different tales. Mozart supposedly felt so much at home in this culture, so that he was quickly given the nickname „Mozartovic). with the result that he was given the nickname "Mozartovic" suddenly.
The works he produced then were kept under tight wraps for a long time – the break with the Viennese Classic was too radical, the orchestration too unusual. On this journey he allegedly composed for friends in Belgrade arranging for of two violins, accordion, contrabass and percussion. His demands on the instrumentalists were a little bit unusual at that time: he intended adventurous changes from the original Balkan stylistics to the sound of the Viennese Classic, wild jazz improvisations, often driven by almost disco suitable grooves, with the energy of a rock band combined with the attention to detail of a chamber music ensemble. All of the zest for life Mozart felt in this presumably happiest life phase in the Balkans is reflected in these works. But the time was not ripe for this kind of music yet. Now, fortunately, the original manuscripts have appeared again – and as chance would have it, they are a perfect fit for Uwaga!.

The musicians of Uwaga! agree: Wolfgang Amadeus’ music grooves in a very subtle way and, hence, is ideally suited for interpretation in many ways. This fact and their percussive playing techniques have motivated the gang of four to invite the percussionist Max Klaas for this program. Mozartovic relies on the power of rhythm.

In its multi-year collaboration Uwaga! has experienced for a long period, how wonderful seemingly incompatible conceptions of music, conflicting priorities and strengths can inspire each other, how to learn from each other and to outgrow as a whole, following a shared vision. mozartovic results very recognizably from this cultural openness of all musicians, seen here in the downright absorbed Balkan influence by Miroslav, the youngest Uwaga! member. Thus, the scenario of a fictitious travel by Mozart to Serbia developed – it is the starting point for unfolding the musical fantasy across borders.
The musical globetrotter Max Klaas is the perfect choice for the collective play as he similarly converts his percussion set as Uwaga! turns its string and keyboard instruments: as a master of the classical world music drumming instruments, moreover settled in pop music, he finds his own ways to produce drum sounds of any kind on his percussion set. With largest musical empathy he serves to take an untense "bird's-eye view" on the great works of Mozart.