Alamente ensemble

Alamente ensemble
Alamente ensemble
Alamente ensembel
Lene Høst Mees
Poul Udbye Pock-Steen
Clara Tesch
  • country:Denmark
  • style(s):Folk, Classical Music
  • label:PARLA son
  • type:Trio
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Via Artis Konsort

Line up

  • Clara Tesch (Violin, viola)
  • Lenes Høst Mees (Vocal, percussion)
  • Poul Udbye Pock-Steen (Harpsichord)


Alamente is a new Danish ensemble composed by three playful professional concert musicians with different backgrounds in classical music and folk music. The name "Alamente" is a derivation of an Italian term "musica alla mente", ie. music "from the head", as opposed to recorded music. Alamente is playing exactly that; a repertoire that is not suitable for score reading while performing, although the repertoire can be chronologically classified as classical music. The Alamente ensemble conveys a repertoire from where the classical music's domain blends with other coexistent genres such as popular and folk music. The music is performed with great freedom, in order to make the original intentions of the music appear in the performance, and with an extensive use of improvisation.