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Hugh Waldock has spent 12 years as an Anglican Chorister. He has sung all four parts in that time. He was a college educated countertenor with limited professional experience doing solo work for Junges Theater Goettingen Summer Opera in 2002 and Meike Wichelt in Cologne of the same year. I attended GSMD London and HfM Cologne, but never graduated in music. Despite this I have done over 355 performances, 4 recordings; One for BBC World In Praise of God programme broadcast on 3rd Dec and 10th dec 1995 with Ralph Allwood and Eton Choral Course 1 1995, one for Hyperion called Vital Spark of Heavenly Flame for Peter Holman and the Parley of Instruments and Psalmody as part of a Congregational Choir on 2 numbers 1998, I was also on a recording of an evensong at St John's College Cambridge with ECC again and Te Deum Laudamus Ipswich School Chapel Choir 1992 on Bethany Records. I did 4 tours to France in 1989, York in 1991 and Edinburgh in 1996 with Ipswich School Chapel Choir and one TRBC tour with Brian Kay to Guernsey. I've sung at 9 cathedrals in Germany, Scotland and England and at Snape Maltings 6 times two times for the best choir in East Anglia Ben Parry's Aldeburgh Voices. I also won the solo singing cup at Ipswich School once in 1995 against stiff opposition. I've had one newspaper review. In recent years I have been focussing on composition, writing and political activism. I have an academic degree a masters in English Language.

I believe every composer should perform that is why I still sing and have been known to play my violin in an orchestra and worship group and I teach myself piano and record things myself, put them on Musicalion and Patreon. I've written over 90 compositions in the last 5 years or so. I used my teaching skills I learned in languages to organise studying for my grades 6,7, and 8 ABRSM theory exams which I passed on my own as teacher to myself. I have written 20 sonatas for cello, violin and piano, works for SATB, a concerto for violin and a concerto for piano. short pieces, individual songs, started a song cycle, and have written string quartet, two short pieces for solo orchestra and other bits and bobs. It's the composition I'd like to get in the door with. I've had my chances at singing and want to pass the mantle onto others there in a professional capacity. I've had one commission for Boxed Brass a three part sonata for Brass Quintet. I've written so much and I'd like to get some of my major works performed and recorded and make enough to survive on basically. I have a long period where I've been focussing on getting over my depression at the loss of an important relationship in which I've gone into creative overdrive writing 12 books and poetry anthologies and over 400,000 words, political speeches and all sorts of things as well as music. I do hold a final hons second study piano exam and six term papers in theory from HfM Cologne Standort Wuppertal, so I do have something. Professors Obenaus and Lutz-Werner-Hesse provided a different and interesting German American perspective on theory to compliment the AB and King's Scholar's harmony lessons I had at A level with Andrew Leach. He's a composer as well. Much of my work shows the influence of the great German composers, but not exclusively so. There are some 20th century style gems as well, even a bit of Christian Rock, jazz influenced crossover, and gospel. I still own over 300 CDs and listen widely from Plainsong to Brahms 1 Schumann 4 and German Hip Hop via Wagner, Bill Hayley and the Comets, Helene Fischer and Loreen. I have a wide and warm musical embrace as a listener and composer. Every piece has something lovable about it I even love Stimmung by Stockhausen. I might listen to a piece from beginning to end to get the full picture several times over, examine the brush strokes and attempt to do something similar. My uncle is an oil painter and I learned a lot about motivation and self study to better oneself from him. Sometimes, I find open green spaces on city breaks inspiring like in my latest sonata named Egmond; 'I love Brussels'. I Christened it after having lunch in the Egmond Park near the Sablon in Brussels and being inspired by eating a blueberry muffin and feeling close to Beethoven and his overture.

I can arrange high quality score publishing and word editing (special edition of scores with programme notes)

Hugh is disabled and currently spends his time composing and writing. He has diabetes type II and suffers from being bipolar. Indeed, I've been quite poorly over the past few years so I have been doing music and writing all the time.



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