Waldock, Hugh

High Quality Traditional Composition and Musical Score Publishing

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18 traditional piano sonatas
5 violin sonatas
2 concertos
SATB works
Over 20 Songs
Miniatures for piano, violin
String quartet
Works for Brass Quintet
Cello Suite

2 publications

Piano sonatas 1-5 2019 Brignell's Bookbinders Cambridge UK

Violin sonatas 1 2016 Brignell's Bookbinders UK

Musical background

Student on OU music degree
Some music college at GSMD and HfM Cologne
7 professional appearances as solo countertenor in opera and oratorio
BBC recording for Eton Choral Courses
9 cathedrals
Experience of singing in England, Germany, Scotland and Guernsey.
4 tours
12 years an Anglican Chorister
6 appearances at Snape including for Aldeburgh Voices
Even songs at King's and Johns Cambridge
1 review
2 tracks for Hyperion with Peter Holman
Ipswich School senior singing Cup winner 1995


Voice (now bass previously countertenor)


English native speaker
German C1/C2
French A2
Italian A2
A little Dutch, Latin, Middle High German and Norwegian but not much!

Other experience and hobbies

EU Federalist activist and yes campaigner
Political communication, think tanks and activism in general.
Writing about my life, novels, and poetry
Self Publishing
Anglican religion
DDR nostalgia and documentaries
Collecting Art
World Cookery

Student Jobs

Freelance English Language Teaching (2001-2007)
(for Bayer Business Services, Delphi Deutchland, Wilkinson Sword, ZDS Solingen, VHS Wuppertal)

Freelance Translator (Kern AG, PAB, Goughs Solingen) I've translated a couple of times for Deutsche Bahn, EU and the UN in Bonn)

Current musical societies and connections

Roman River Music
The Pimlott Foundation



participating in

  • Classical:NEXT 2019
  • Classical:NEXT 2018


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Hugh Waldock


"Manx Lullaby: My first 18 Piano Sonatas" - Hugh Waldock



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