Waldock, Hugh

Prolific Composer. Self Published Score Writer.

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Now studying with Gwyn Pritchard outside of college in private tuition with a view long term to achieving a masters in Composition and possible PhD. Trying to innovate as a musical entrepreneur. Had some success this year in finding a professional composition tutor with a view to long term success in the industry.

I attend Next Classical every year. I made the purchase of a Stefan Beyer electric violin this year with a view to recording some of my work on it. I recommend Stefan's violins I paid 880 Euros and the sound quality for the price you pay for an acoustic instrument is good.

I had consultations with Johann Tilli with a view to him helping with publishing my work. Johann might like to note that I've got Gwyn on board now at least for the time being and that is a giant leap forward for me, so I am making progress and would like to think negotiations for our deal are still ongoing. I do enjoy publishing my own work, but would like a deal still if it is on the table. I am making progress. I would love to stay at his villa still when I have the money.



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