Pimlott Foundation Christmas Concert

Hugh Waldock et al

Last Year's Christmas Concert


Anton Gretchmaninoff
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  • event type:Concert
  • date:07 Dec 2019 - 07 Dec 2019
  • time:4pm - 8pm
  • city/area:Colchester
  • venue:Old House Barn, Gt Horkesley,
  • country:United Kingdom
  • style(s):Classical Music
  • event posted by:Waldock, Hugh


Christmas Concert and Christmas Market organised by Daniela Pimlott (Bechly) a friend of mine. The organisation was set up as a trust fund to aide primarily young musicians but also people such as myself on a local basis in memory of the famous theatre director Stephen Pimlott Daniela's husband. I'm going to be playing piano there hopefully, I find out today. I'm playing Lied aus der Creuse from 18 Little Pieces for Piano by Cesar Franck Editon Peters and a Gretchmaninoff Lullaby and I shall also be singing with the Occasional Singers, our house choir and there will be music from the London students that Daniela sponsors most likely, or friends of hers. Don't know who exactly is singing or playing but she's friends with everyone in London. I think a very promising young soprano Abi Ward might be singing too.

The Christmas market is nice too last year we had mulled wine and nibbles, and there were plenty of cup cakes and presents of various kinds to buy. The Old House is Daniela's mansion home, but also her own venue in a converted barn serves as her private concert hall and performance space for her events. It's all very pleasant, family friendly and family run. They are lovely to perform with in a communal atmosphere. Some world class performers use the Old House Barn to run through their programme for the Wigmore Hall in before they take it up to London. Mark Padmore for example and also the excellent Alissa Firsova performs there. The venue seats I think maximum of 150 I think it's a very intimate space, and is comparable to the atmosphere of a Berlin House Concert I attended as a boy with UdK students in Kreuzburg. Daniela is German from Halle an der Saale and is well known in German Opera Houses and circles having worked for many of the same people as my friends from HfM Cologne Wuppertal Campus like Theater Hagen, Hamburg and Essen.