A Mature Sonata: Piano Sonata Nr.11 Karl Orff

Sloane Square London


Karl Orff Sonata 1st Movement
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Karl Orff Sonata was inspired originally by a performance of Carmina Burana I sang with Bob Chilcott and the Really Big Chorus at the Royal Albert Hall in London doing my chorus work.

The opening theme is very dark like some of Carmina Burana which is probably Orff's best known and best loved work.

I came home and thought the opening movement out on the piano. However, despite giving brith to most of my sonatas within days this was a very difficult child. It took months of struggling to complete these three movements but it it's come out more like a distilled port than a Lambrusco and I'm quite proud of this being arguably my most complete piano sonata.

The first movement is in ternary ABA form the second is in binary form and the third in pure sonata form. It's probably the most classical sonata movement I've ever written you can decide whether you think whether that's a good or a bad thing for yourselves, but it is my intention to write in traditional Classical form with a modern twist.

I intend to publish a score with my first 18 piano sonatas in and bring it to Next Classical in May Karl Orff sonata included.

article posted by:Hugh Waldock, Waldock, Hugh