Hugh Waldock
Singing The Armed Man at the Royal Albert Hall 2015
  • country:United Kingdom
  • region:England
  • style(s):Contemporary, Classical Music
  • label:not signed
  • type:Solo, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, a cappella, string, brass, singer songwriter, piano
  • artist submitted by:Waldock, Hugh

Line up

  • Hugh Waldock  (Composition, Voice (Bass), Piano, Violin)


Hugh Waldock otherwise known on U-Tube as Wupperwerther for the bizarre reason that his life in Germany was like Junge Werther and he lived in Wuppertal is a traditional Classical composer with a modern twist.

My influences are the Schumann-Brahms triangle, Haydn, Bach, Christian Rock, Blues, Franck and 20th Century Classical music. I admired Michael Nyman for composing music in every style possible and feel that every skilled composer should follow suit. I am a prolific composer and self taught and I also write prose and poetry. I think it's important that composers do perform and that they do not give the impression performers are slaves but are part of their musical community. My single biggest influence musically was my best mate at school Jamie Trowell. I didn't think I'd ever be a great all round musician like him at first playing 2 instruments composing and singing, but I have achieved it to a certain extent. I always saw him as the benchmark and he is an international percussionist. I'm also Jonny Mattock, the drummer of Spirtualized second cousin. It's the composing I like. I'm a grade 8 theorist and grade 8 singer, grade 4 violinist and have a second study piano exam from HfM Cologne Standort Wuppertal. I studied in Wuppertal and also briefly at GSMD in London but as a countertenor. I wasn't a great countertenor but I feel with that amount of experience I am a great composer and my bass voice and piano playing are acceptable. I got out of the musical kitchen for a while and did English Language Teaching but I'm back having written 90 pieces of Classical Music I wish to market to people. I am also a writer of prose and poetry which I am also prolific in.

I have fought back recently as a great amateur singer. At school in 1995 I won the Ipswich School singing cup against Tom Fletcher, and Tim Kiddell, Jamie Trowell and Nicola James with He was Despised from Handel's Messiah. I did Eton Choral Courses in 1995 and recorded twice for the BBC World in Praise of God Programme broadcast on 3rd and 10th December 1995, and did evensong at Kings College Cambridge with Stephen Cleobury. Then in 1996 I did Course 2 with evensong at Johns. In 1998 I was on one of Peter Holman's Recordings called Vital Spark of Heavenly Flame (not credited) as part of a Congregational Choir of people from Dovercourt Choral Society and Colchester Bach Choir on Hyperion. I also performed as a professional countertenor 7 times. 5 times in the Junges Theater Goettingen Summer Opera 2002, with Anja Binkenstein, Karolina Brachmann and Matthias Repovs. I also did 2 performances for Meike Wiechelt (Zündorf) of Welcome to All the Pleasures 1st Ode to St Cecilia's day by Purcell in the Antoniterkirche and in Brauweiler on St Cecilia's day weekend in Cologne 2002 with the Tenor Park and Bass Eji Miura as a countertenor. I was also reviewed as a countertenor for a college production of Pergoelisi Stabat Mater. All these opportunities however, came too soon for me I feel. It wasn't until I was in my 30s that I've really found myself in Music.

In 2014 things got going again. On the 19th October my birthday I spontaneously decided to join a worship group on the fiddle. Of the back of that I started a career as an amateur Bass, so that in 2016 I did more singing that ever before I had a professional workload and coped with it over 50 services for Lexden Church Choir, and 9 major oratorio and miscellaneous concerts Messiah with Aldeburgh Voices and ben Parry, Sing Christmas with Ben Parry, Carmina Burana for TRBC and Bob Chilcott, Verdi Requiem for Brian Kay and TRBC, A TRC tour to Guernsey to sing Gounod St Cecila Mass, Brahms Requiem for John Chillingworth, Messiah for John Chillingworth as well, and 2 concerts for Roman River Festival The Captive Queen by Sibelius and The Miraculous Mandarin by Bartok. That was my bumper performance year and off the back of that I've got the technique to learn a mass in about a week and do a good job of it and a folk song in about five minutes. I can also record my own accompaniments on the piano and play the folk tunes on the violin. I compose at a much higher level though I have written 20 3 and 4 movement sonatas for piano, violin, piano and violin, and cello, and 2 concertos, works for SATB, works for Classical Orchestra, 20 songs, 15 shorter character pieces for guitar, piano and violin about 15 tracked improvisations and other pieces totalling around 90. I recently completed a commission of a Bass Band Sonata, three movements that can be played together or individually on the bandstand. I'm still waiting for the money.