Hello from Wupperwerther

Hello everyone. I've just acquired my first commission for a Brass Quintet which I've completed for Boxted Brass. I've just been writing at home for the sheer pleasure of it and want to turn full time pro. I've got over 90 compositions under my belt including 14 piano sonatas and 5 Violin sonatas, character pieces and waltzes for beginners on the piano, two concertos for full orchestra and violin and piano. In short, I'm a prolific composer. Please do check out my U-tube presence. Its' called Wupperwerther, because I lost my girlfriend I had in Wuppertal and my job and it started me writing, but I became very depressed like Junger Werther. It really was a Genieschlag, not just in composing but in self publishing and authoring too. I'm writing my memoires. I've just completed one about Berlin and my political activism I do as a hobby. They are coming out soon. I've also published an edition of hand bound books and scores in leather as a special edition for 250 pounds with guilt lettering on the spine. I'm looking forward to meeting you all there.


Me at the Royal Albert HallMy delegate image



A Little Crush Music

Written out and performed improvisation


Batemans Piano Concerto

Finale Movement 3 Allegro Moderato


Anja's Birthday

Character Piece, Live Performance


German Dance

Character Piece in the style of Hungarian Piano School Live


Die Gedanken Sind Frei

Example of accompaniment and singing German Folk song performed by me


XI Clymene's Coda

Song Cycle on Poetic Cycle by Glyn Maxwell


Drowsy Maggie

Example of Violin playing Irish Folk (Violin is not my ultimate weapon of mass destruction but I can play a bit)


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Line Dance

3 Movement Sonata for Brass Quintet

War Graves

3 Movement Sonata for Brass Quintet


3 Movement Sonata for Brass Quintet

Sonata for Orlando Jopling

Piano sonata 13 Het Willhelmus Pavane Movement 2 (in the form of Pavane Lacrimae by Sweelinck)

Sonata for Orlando Jopling

Movement 3

Orpheus. Euridike Hermes.

Witty art song or Lied. Humorous interpretation of the Rilke Poetry....

You are the one

Christian Rock Song

Schweizerpsalm String Quartet 4th Movement

Lebhaft (Hot off the press today!)

Schweizerpsalm String Quartet 3th Movement

Schnell und flie├čend

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