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Mersea Island Evening Scene


Neopolitan Opera, sung and interpreted on piano by Hugh Waldock
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Here are a few more recordings and videos I have made at home to share with the Classical Next Community. I just use IMovie and my own eye for photography for example I have a very high resolution camera on my mobile phone and on my Ipad 5x the resolution is reasonable and photography is in the family. My father had his own dark room in our house with a 35mm camera and all his negatives hanging in the bath so I was introduced to how to take photos from a young age. So, it is possible to set the Classical music to so stills and animations of some beautiful natural places. I feel with Classical music simplicity can work best and countryside shots and pretty villages and so on can work better for traditional classical music than more sophisticated urban scenes. It is more authentic such conurbations rarely existed at the time most of it was written lest just not forget that. You can imagine it in the music without the pictures. What do I imagine in plainsong for example but a stable and animals possibly giving birth? I have made one urban video of Rotterdam photos but I've chosen to include some green and open space like the back garden at Boijmans art gallery. Would be interested to know what you think. I've also included a recording of my playing and singing of Salvatore Rosa's aria Star Vicino which I recently sent to my friends in the EU commission via facebook. I am about to become a spokesperson for a political campaign to retain Associate EU Passports and am going on a literary consultancy busman's holiday in my other role as an author as well as a composer. Music is just like writing in another language to me. I'm also in the club of writing over 400 poems which I'm hoping to publish this year, some of which could be set to music. I've added my own ornamentation in the Krieger and in the Rosa.

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