Mozart Theme and Variations KV265

Arty Shot of Cow on Sea Wall at Wivenhoe


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Theme and Variation One

I am beginning to learn this, my first piece of true concert repertoire for piano.I've looked at the first four variations. Here is the theme and variation one. It's not particularly fast at the moment, but I'm hoping to perform them for someone I know.

I hope I am not treading on anyone's toes going to Classical Next on my own I so love it as an event and a little holiday on my own. I live with my ageing mother and it's so wearing at times. I like to get away to be closer to my wonderful life as it was then on the continent between 2002-2007.

The added bonus is that I might make a deal for my music and enjoy doing composition professionally in some way even if it's just as a sideline. It came to me so late when I was 30, so much later than a 15 year old. I mean I thought I was talented as a kid but others were better and it was totally different when I really was that musical. I just liked music but when I really did have the gift from God people did what they always do with great composers they totally isolated me.

Please not I have not been taught piano since 2005 or violin since 1995. Everything I've achieved in the last ten years has been my own pursuit of music and work.

Just to Defend Myself Politically for One Moment.

I was never so sure I was THAT singer at school. I just wanted to make a strong decision about what I wanted to do with my life. I'd won a competition and I didn't get a good enough grade at A level to do German so I decided to pursue voice. I didn't want to be a pop star I just about thought I might be good enough to make it as a Classical singer because I was a competition winner; I was unlucky. It certainly wasn't my idea to take it away from other people who wanted to do it, but it doesn't mean to say I wasn't an undiscovered talent at composing. I don't think skill is remotely related to intelligence as I found out to my horror once watching a lawyer teach. Me being a qualified teacher.

Part of it was that my school failed to realise my true talent for languages, and authoring because the teaching of languages in that private school was nothing special compared to what I experienced in Germany. They blamed me for having a second bite of the musical cherry, but that wasn't intentional.

I didn't go out to live in Europe to beat them at music per say as they like to think and market I went to teach English Language when I was having a break from music I intended to be permanent at that time. I gained a qualification for at first it didn't work out, but I had been left a considerable sum by my paternal grandmother and this allowed me to stay in Germany and take a good German course at the VHS Kassel and sing in the Kassel Bach Choir and get to know Stevenson. It happened organically probably because I had an affair with a prominent woman doctor and this prompted people to think I had talent. that's why I had so much fun being a singer again in the Kassel Bach Choir. My membership of that choir was born out of a gay friendship. He insisted that I joined the Kassel Bach Choir against my will. I never intended to sing again after what happened in London and my friend a Canadian, thought I had talent because he was a choirmaster at the University of Ontario. It was his affection for me because that friendship wasn't serious, by the time he got round to asking me again I was going out with this woman doctor. He was the only guy I ever really liked. All my other lovers were women. But that's his thing with me that he wouldn't let the music go for me. I just wasn't a singer and I love singing as a hobby but I didn't realise until I had piano lessons I was a composer and instrumentalist I'd always wanted to be.

I don't know what evil possessed people to think that it was a demonic will to undermine the people in my school, and it was about making me respect them for the amount of capital they generated as some people perpetrate. It's lies I'm not the person I was ten years ago and am certainly not what I was 30 years ago at all. I am just a composer and writer now vocationally and I'm trying to make it work even if I could just get 1/2 or three quarters of my income from it that's all Languages were my talent but music is my true love. I suffered so much for working at the music and not pursuing my linguistic talent, but they are both about the same now, competent.. At the moment I'm working as a postman for the money to do this conference. I think it would be lovely if for the sake of my lost relationship I could make this part of my life, the musical side work. Then there is the linguistic and authoring side. I just love it all. I'd happily do the mail room for the fitness and keep my insulin resistance low, and get the rest from music and my other pursuits. 1/4 each. I think variety is the spice of life. i'm a Libran I like balance not like a Leo, but I do have Saturn in Leo and Leo rising though so performance is a very troublesome and powerful influence on my chart.

Upon enquiring at Munich Conservatorie what I should do about pursuing my compositional talent at my age, the recommendation was to take private tutoring and to pay my way in so I'm following what I was originally asked to do not going to Classical Next on a wing and a prayer. I did take advice on the issue and found Classical Next via Musicalion on the web. Realistically speaking, I've been told to expect 4-5k a year as a return for professional composing, so, yes it's a vocation and a labour of love. I've got some innovative ideas about what we can do about that. I don't think the true value of composing is being recognised in society anymore.

That said composing and performing are like parsing and speaking of musical language to me being part of the same musical process, the very best composers in the world, Wynton Marsalis, included do perform and I see myself firmly within that tradition. Performing other people's sounds triggers a response in you as a composer, as much as meeting someone you like or even longing for someone you've gone all that way to see and wasn't there as with my Sonata Nr.14 or it can come from theory, but it doesn't have to. Lastly, returning to singing. I've always had this love / hate relationship with it. There are times both as a professional and as an amateur I've had to get out of the kitchen because I couldn't stand the heat with singing much as I love it and will always be drawn back into doing it in some capacity.

For example, in 2016 I had my busiest year ever as a chorister having done at least 50 performances in that year alone which is more than a decent professional workload in most cases. I decided maybe I could have a couple of half decent pupils, but singing wasn't for me full time. I could stand my voice being that stretched I almost lost it completely and so I've cut back on the singing and got more into the publishing and playing of my scores and playing in general which is a totally different aspect of music. I never thought I'd be a good all-round musician I was told I was a singer and that's all I had the talent for at first. I would never be my mate Jamie Trowell. He was gifted all over but that's changed and is changing. Those 6-9hrs on the piano on my own are paying off and my playing is stabilising and getting better.

I find doing some physical labour for the postal company Royal Mail has improved my dexterity. I'm working my arm muscles lifting and loading and using my fingers to hold them my finger strength has doubled in just 5 weeks. It's also segregating parcels into cages and not making mistakes, it is a similar sort of reaction speed required in a spatial awareness task and my playing is better than ever before because I'm stronger and more kinaesthetically aware. Because there are so many parcels and you have to seg so quickly into various mail destinations without mistakes it's like being on the piano except having to move and dance at the same time. It's also repetitive like practise and it helps in a way like a footballer's reaction wall. So being paid to work out rather than you paying them is quite nice. I do it nights from 10:30 until 06:30 you get about 100 euros a shift. For music you get paid 7.5 times as much but for that work it's good money. So, I'm a singing, playing, and composing postman at the moment.I've done 10 different professional jobs in my life and they've all given me something. I just love music, languages and writing the most. I want to make music work finally but I did go through other doors as well and have loved every moment of my life really!

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