New Private Composition Tuition


I am commencing private lessons in contemporary composition with the renowned composer Gwyn Pritchard. These lessons are taking place outside of college. I decided to go for private tuition as was recommended by the conservatoire in Munich. I need to network more and this is a big step for me being an entirely self taught composer with a musical background. Gwyn is well renowned and I'm going to enjoy working with him and taking on board his advice. We are poles apart compositionally at the moment, but landing a big fish to help me is really what I required. It adds to my CV and shows I'm willing to pay my way to achieve what I want to achieve as well as delight in the opportunity to work with someone with a great reputation other than myself.

I want to keep coming to the conference in the meantime and I'm hoping to secure a masters in composition long term out of my new professional relationship..

article posted by:Hugh Waldock, Waldock, Hugh