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On Stefan Beyer's new Violin
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1. Well, to start there is a lovely little video of West Mersea a town near us and me playing the Bach Menuet for Anna Magdelena Bach, the famous one.

2. Then there is my playing Stefan's Violin. I'm just about getting the hang of it now, growing into my new instrument. Iv'e had precious little time recently, but this is me playing from the Compassion Hymn by Townend. Sadly, an incoming text ruined the end for the recording and it's the best I've ever played on it. Stefan's violin works quite well for playing Mozart sonata Nr.21 with my bow, but I need an even better bow for the more technical compostions by Bach.

3. Then there was my trip last February to Budapest for the UEF conference of Eurofeds. I've set my pictures of that to my recording of Clementi sonatina in C.

4. Then there is me playing from my own sonata Nr.12 with video of Orford, nr Aldeburgh Suffolk UK.

5. There is me playing from a simple version of Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring.

6. A video called Beautiful Brussels with my German Dance, Gretchmaninoff Lullaby and Franck Lied aus der Creuse

7. One of a trip to Austria Salzburg and Salzburger Land with a Mozart Menuet in the background.

8. The Kew Gardens Video from a previous post, 5 little dances

9. Two original songs for Hannah and Anja 2012 with pics of Norfolk and Suffolk

10. German Student Song Wreathed in Vines. with pics of Maastricht.

11. Maastricht with original compositions and realisations.

I'm starting to work on my and other people's concert repertoire as I gain more experience.

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