Recording of 28 Baroque and Classical Dances

Maastricht scene 2017


The penultimate dance Nr.27
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Since Chirstmas I have been working on a recording of the second chapter of the Hungarian Piano School Book 2 (28 dances in total).

Whilst avoiding social contact today I've been working on finishing it off. I've got just one dance to go number 28 and to re-record the Purcell which has my elderly mother nibbling her cracker biscuits loudly in the background on and doesn't sound very professional.

Basically, I'm going to put that chapter together with the first six piano sonatas in Das Große Sonatinenbuch and get that company that produced self published CDs at last year's conference to provide me with a professionally mastered CD of my work. If they are around I've forgotten the name do get in touch to discuss terms. It's only a demo and car CD but I'd like to have one to give to people. I'll try to find your business card I do have it somewhere. Hopefully, I'll have that to bring to the next conference in 2021.

I cancelled early this year before the postponement but kept the facility to communicate online. Only thing is my mother's friend whom she saw yesterday is now self isolating. I said don't see her because she's just been all the way to Morocco and she wouldn't listen and she's feeling unwell so.... could be a rough couple of weeks.... see you on the other side!

I know people that play it much faster but I am also recording Mozart KV265 (my first piece of genuine concert repertoire) and hopefully get confident enough to perform it with my musical friends here in Colchester. I got a soloist's ponsettia for playing for them before Christmas but got a little nervous. I started life as a singer and am an aspiring minor instrumental soloist at 42 a skill which I never knew I had at first. I don't want to sing professionally any more. I feel singing is a young person's game and now I can play I find instrumental music more interesting though I still enjoy singing and sing for fun. so it's a learning curve and an attempt to diversify into an all round musician I always wanted to be and was told I was just a singer as a teenager, which I discovered now I'm not. I'm more of a total musician than I thought and this is far more rewarding in the long term.

I have a new recording of the 1st variation. I'm getting much better at playing Mr Beyer's violin too and have been practising up some of my 5 violin sonatas in order to get a good recording of them coming soon in self isolation in the near future. I am going to be allowed to re-engage with my music degree also. It is likely that if not succumbing to corona I will be back studying music again next year with a genuine chance.The future is bright in music if that is the case I've courted Trinity Laban also for a masters in composition this may be possible with a late flowering music degree form the OU. I'm still a committed European. I could have a real chance with some good will behind me.

Oh, and I've acquired the score of György Orban's latest pieces from EMB Hungary. I've had a little play through of a few phrases and find his work incredibly interesting and potentially recordable for me. I'm a massive fan of Hungarian music. It's underrated and one of the first things I was ever made to listen to in music appreciation as a a boy was Dvorak's New World Symphony Nr.9. I can't get over how beautiful Kodaly's work is too, not just the famous Adagio for violin, I've known since childhood, but his Missa Brevis and his Romance Lyrique for cello I find profoundly gifted as a composer. Other composers I find deserve more attention are Michael Haydn, (that 1st symphony of his is so highly entertaining). I first encountered Michael Haydn in performing his Missa Brevis in Bb with my school Choir in Chevreuse just as the Berlin Wall was in the process of coming down in week three of October in 1989. I remember that tour well because we received a half hour standing ovation in one of those concerts and had to do three encores in our second concert that day. I was only 11 and I was absolutely knackered after that.

Charles Gounod is another who's St Cecilia Mass I performed in 2016 with Brian Kay at the helm in Guernsey as a chorister and Cesar Franck. I'm playing from his 18 Shorter Pieces for Piano still and am an eternal fan of Sonata in A as well as the timeless Panis Angelicus most people would recognise that one.

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