Thanks for a great time : Pavane Orlandese

Waiting for the final concert with Spark


Dutch pavane Sonata 13 movement 2
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I had a great time at Classical Next 2019 I talked to lots of people. Sadly due to a confused with checking out of the hotel with them not accepting a mobile payment of any description I was unable to attend any lectures and seminars this year.

However, I did attend more concerts 7 showcases in total and met a lot of people at the expo.

I would like to share my Pavane Orlandese. It's the second movement of my 13th sonata with dedication to Orlando Jopling consisting of my version of Het Wilhelmus as a pavane with interluding sections.

Last year during the World Cup in Russia I also spiced up the English one but in a more conservative way. Not that I'm particularly patriotic any more more patriotically European. I'm going to the EU state opening of parliament in July.

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