Orford Quay, Suffolk

I've noticed that I've got an eye for a good photo. So, I've decided to employ use of video to enhance my musical compositions and pieces of music I am playing and singing as appears to be the trend at conference.

Maybe people would like to debate this. What do people feel about using multimedia in Classical Music?

I think it's an exciting innovation especially online. It allows you to be visually and culturally expressive as well as musically advanced. My only slight quibble is that as a classical music expert the multimedia backdrop imposes a certain visual interpretation of the music on you that might otherwise have simply imagined in your head. It is important that Classical Music keeps pace with technology though because that's important for maintaining interest amongst younger people.

So as late starter I'm going to embrace it and be young at heart too. I really do think this is a very exciting time to be a Classical Musician professionally. When I was young it was all about the great repertoire and recording pieces in Early Music especially (having been a countertenor) that had never been recorded before. Now there is this great innovative drive in music towards smaller more effective craft and it's a wonderful thing people don't have to be this big, pretentious, expert to be part of the scene like you did when I was a young man. I mean it's so liberating for people of my age as well.

I recently took part in the Colchester Finale of the Roman River Festival in Colchester which has a superb reputation and they had a street orchestra of young people and I ended up dancing like crazy in the isles of the church to people half my age playing and they appeared to love me for expressing my love of music too. It's just wonderful not to treat the sacred space of music like a dojo you have to bow to every time you go in, you know.

Here are some of my first quite traditional attempts at setting pictures to my recordings and compositions.

article posted by:Hugh Waldock, Waldock, Hugh