• 15-18 MAY 2019

The jury selected live showcase artists for Classical:NEXT 2013.


Live Showcases A-Z

catch-pop_string-strong_by_Maria_Frodl Photo: Maria Frodl

Catch-Pop String-Strong (Serbia/Kosovo/Austria)

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Jelena Popržan: viola, voice
Rina Kaçinari: cello, voice

Jelena Popržan and Rina Kaçinari are a dynamic duo who combine top-class musicianship with innovative staging and humour to perform everything from Bach to self-composed classical tunes to traditional Balkan folk music.



Photo: Ker-Xavier

Ivan Ilic (Serbia/US/France)

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Ivan Ilić: piano
Gaëtan Robillard: visual artist

Having studied both math and music, the Paris-based pianist has been described by the New Yorker as an 'adventurous pianist' and is praised for his Debussy interpretations. At Classical:NEXT Ivan Ilić will perform works by Morton Feldman with a backdrop of visuals by Gaëtan Robillard.



Picture: Composer June-Hee Lim

Kayageum Trio Plays June-Hee Lim

(South Korea)

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Ji-Young Lee: kayageum
Suyoen Kim: violin
William Youn: piano

Combining the zither-like instrument gayageum as well as the spirit of traditional Korean music with western classical formats, this Trio will showcase works by one of South Korea's most successful contemporary composers, June-Hee Lim.



Photo: Atelier Chose

Les Temps Modernes (France)

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Jean-Louis Bergerard: clarinet; Michel Lavignolle: flute; Claire Bernard: violin; Emmanuelle Maggesi: piano; Florian Nauche: cello; Bastien Nouri: oboe; Charles Vadrot: horn; Wen Chen: keyboards; Thomas Cornut: double bass; Orane Murail: viola; Philippe Moenne-Loccoz: electronic; Fabrice Pierre: conductor

Founded in Lyon in 1993 and specialising in music that combines instrumental and electronic sounds, Les Temps Modernes will perform a joint creation with musical and visual components developed by Tristan Murail and Hervé Bailly-Basin.



Photo: Nobbie Clark

Living Room in London (UK/AUSTRIA)

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Christoph Pepe Auer: bass clarinet, saxophone, itanpura
Ellie Fagg: cello, violin
Tom Norris: violin, guitar, voice
Manu Delago: hang
Gregor Riddell: cello

Performing part live on stage and part broadcasted from Bolivia and California, this contemporary music quintet consists of members of the Solstice Quartet and the London Symphony Orchestra as well as the drummer of famous singer Björk. With two violins, cello, bass clarinet and hang Living Room in London create a unique musical fusion moving in and out of genres.



Photo: Roger Richter

Miako Klein (GERMANY)

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Miako Klein: recorders
Tobias Hartmann: electronics

Recorder player, violinist, performer and improviser, Miako Klein will perform pieces by Giorgio Tedde, Johannis Ciconia as well as one of her own works written for Contrabass recorder and tape.



Photo by Björn Abelin

The Peärls Before Swïne Experience (Sweden)

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Sara Hammarström: flutes
George Kentros: violin
Mårten Landström: piano
Mats Olofsson: cello

Known for their relaxed performance style and audience interaction, this new music ensemble specialises in commissioning its own repertoire and is committed to bringing modern music to younger audiences.



Photo by Dieter Nagl

Vienna Clarinet Connection (Austria)

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Helmut Hödl: clarinet
Rupert Fankhauser: clarinet
Hubert Salmhofer: basset horn
Wolfgang Kornberger: bass clarinet

Four clarinet players who aim to blur the boundaries between different types of music: composed and improvised, jazz and classical, ethnic and contemporary. Allowing the audience to choose the second half of the program from various classical composers, this quartet boasts playfulness and creativity.