• 15-18 MAY 2019

The jury selected live showcase artists for Classical:NEXT 2014:


Live Showcases A-Z

danielmurray2_danigurgel_200Photo: Dani Gurgel


Daniel Murray: guitar

Guitar player and composer Daniel Murray will perform Brazilian contemporary music from works by Villa Lobos, Kampela, Mannis and also his own compositions for solo guitar (6 strings and 11 strings guitar).



281_preview_only_h_takenouchi_1oct13_c_b_ealovega_200Photo: Benjamin Ealovega


Hiroaki Takenouchi: piano forte

London-based pianist Hiroaki Takenouchi described by The Times as "just the sort of champion the newest of new music needs", will be going through a doubly eclectic journey in his programme: Not only is the selection of the pieces eclectic by itself, but at its core the amazing "Purgatory" from "Four Images After Yeats" by Jonathan Harvey stands out by tracing "every passionate event to its cause until all are related and understood, turned into knowledge, made a part of itself." (Yeats)



joan_mf_2._photo_by_anna_guardiola_200Photo: Anna Guardiola

joan martí-frasquier (spain)

Joan Martí-Frasquier: baritone saxophone & electronics
JuandesAFINAdo: video artist

In his showcase baritone saxophonist Joan Martí-Frasquier will relate seven different works with the seven main colours in the spectrum, according to their own characteristics. Works for baritone saxophone solo or with electronics will be accompanied by lights and projections expanding beyond the stage and calling for feedback from the audience.



kristallkvartetten_ylvagruen_200Photo: Ylva Gruen

kristallkvartetten (sweden)

Isabelle Andö: violin; Nina Sandell: violin; Marie-Louise Klestrup Röijezon: viola; Peter Danielsson: double bass

The Swedish string quartet Kristallkvartetten brings elements from the Nothern parts of Sweden alive in the music - elements such as snow, crystals, ice, and cold. Their pieces are mixed up with folk tunes from Sweden and Iceland, some of them arranged by G.Grétarsson, as well as with a slideshow of winter pictures taken by the quartet members.



matthiasjakisic_martinbutala3_540Photo: Martin Butala

matthias jakisic "jig" (AUSTRIA)

Matthias Jakisic: electric violin and effects

Evolving and constantly mutating in his own artistic universe between pop, avant-garde and beyond, electric violin virtuoso Matthias Jakisic creates vast soundscapes and delicate melodies, sonic mayhem and harmonious bliss.





plenum_mariafrodl_200.Photo: Maria Frodl

plenum + katharina ernst (slovenia/germany/mexico/austria)

Angelica Castello: Paetzold Bass Recorder; Gobi Drab: Paetzold Bass Recorder; Katrin Hauk: Paetzold Bass Recorder; Thomas List: Paetzold Bass Recorder; Steffi Neuhuber: Paetzold Bass Recorder; Maja Osojnik: Paetzold Bass Recorder; Reni Weichselbaum: Paetzold Bass Recorder; Katharina Ernst: percussion + objects

Plenum plays on square Paetzold Bass Recorders, a hybrid between organ pipes and recorders. In the programme “Broken Concert”, Renaissance pieces by Josquin Desprez and Melchior Franck, which are traditional Recorder consort repertoire, flourish in a new contemporary-abstract environment. Free Improvisation, Contemporary Composition, Rock, Early Music, Jazz, and Noise influence and enrich the sound of this ensemble.



powerplant_nickwhite_kathyhinde_200.Photo: Nick White / Kathy Hinde

powerplant (uk)

Joby Burgess: percussion/electronics
Matthew Fairclough: sound design
Kathy Hinde: visual artist

Powerplant is a collaboration of British artists, comprising Joby Burgess’ percussion and electronics with sound design by Matthew Fairclough and visuals by Kathy Hinde. Powerplant has created an experimental sound, fusing minimalism and electronica with original video. 



voixdestrasariane_gayaneepic_jean-paulmarbach_200 Photo: Jean-Paul Marbach

Voix de stras' (france)

Ariane Wohlhuter: voice
Gayanée Movsysian: voice
Claire Trouilloud: voice
Eugénie De Mey: voice

Voix de Stras’ is a vocal ensemble featuring professional soloists handpicked by director Catherine Bolzinger for their unique abilities to perform 20th & 21st Century works that challenge the performer and audience alike. Voix de Stras’ expands the body of cutting edge vocal composition by regularly commissioning new pieces.