Joan Martí-Frasquier performing at Classical:NEXT 2014 Photo: Eric van Nieuwland

cn_2014_showcases_day_1_by__eric_van_nieuwland_205212_540Hiroaki Takenouchi, Classical:NEXT 2014 Photo: Eric van Nieuwland

what is a Live showcase?

The ideal format for soloists and small ensembles, live showcases offer 30 minute slots for each selected performance.

Have a look at the live showcase programmes for 20152014 and 2013.

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"The great thing about having a showcase at Classical:NEXT is that I could arrange everything for my performance exactly as I wanted to have it, from the programme to the question of which clothes to wear

Pianist and 2014 showcase artist Hiroaki Takenouchi (Japan)

dolce_risonanza_200Dolce Risonanza - Video Showcase 2014 Photo: Rita Skof/Starrydynamo.Studios

What is a Video showcase?

Classical:NEXT video showcases are a new presentation format. The 9-minute video presentations show recent projects of musicians, ensembles or larger productions via live footage, interviews or documentaries about the artistic content and context.

The video showcases are thus an ideal opportunity to present large ensembles or staged productions such as operas. At the same time, this format is designed to enable artists, ensembles or productions to present themselves when traveling or scheduling issues make a live appearance impossible. Moreover, the video showcases are an appropriate way to present work in progress to the professional community at Classical:NEXT.

For maximum effectiveness, each video presentation should include not only live footage of the ensemble or production, but also information about the artistic content and context. To that end, we suggest including interview segments with the composer, conductor or artistic director. Basic production and logistical information may be supplied in writing or as part of the video itself. Please contact us at for further information.


"Immediately after my presentation, several representatives approached me and throughout the day some even suggested concrete deals for international appearances of our contemporary music ensemble. It is amazing how much business one man alone can do thanks to this video showcase format."

John Harris, Chief Executive and Artistic Co-Director of Red Note Ensemble, Scotland


If you are an artist or agent present your work to the international professional community. Soloists and small ensembles as well as large ensembles, opera productions or musical theatre projects can be presented through either a live showcase concert or a video showcase screening at Classical:NEXT 2016.

There are more ways to participate, check out whether one of them is for you.


Classical showcase concerts for a professional audience

If you are a music multiplier, join us at Classical:NEXT 2016 to experience many international performances in a minimum amount of time. The Classical:NEXT live and video showcases are selected by an international jury of experts to present a wide range of high-quality artists and productions in every category from early to contemporary, traditional to experimental.


Live Showcase-only Tickets

Travelling with non-delegate friends or family? Bring them along! Publicly-available non-delegate tickets for the live showcase programme can be purchased from our local partners De Doelen. Separate tickets are available for both days of the showcase programme, allowing a fully tailored experience. Tickets can be bought online, over the phone or, subject to capacity, at the venue before the event.


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There are more ways to participate, check out whether one of them is for you.